Sitemap - 2021 - Sunday Snapshots

Draft No. 4, Library e-books, and Still Walking

Spotify Un(wrapped)

Looking back, and ahead: World Wars, DAOs, and Writing

Crevices in the Rock

The Power Broker by Robert Caro, Pt. II

The Power Broker by Robert Caro, Pt. I

A (short) Summer Break

Clear: The Perfect Trojan Horse

Foxtrot: The 21st Century Corner Store

The Amazon-Apple Book Duopoly

Figs: The Ultimate DTC Company

Battle Cry For Freedom Pt. I

Sunday Snapshots: 2nd anniversary edition

Inadequate Equilibriums, Mrs. Europe, Eleven Madison Park

Thomas Jefferson, Anti-fragile Cities, and Starbucks

American Sphinx, Oil Companies, and Semiconductors

Sunday Snapshots: Issue #100

The Hedgehog and the Fox

The Buck Stops Here, Digital Sensorium, and Suffering from Success

Reflections, GE's woes, AI's future, and Narvar revisited

Open by Agassi, Sci-hub, and The New York Times

Working Backwards, Amazon's Anti-trust Paradox, and The Future of Sonos

FOMO, Amazon's Working Principles, Note-taking, and Walmart's strengths

Reagan's Notecards, Buffett's Letter, and Foxtrot as a tastemaker for tastemakers

Cyberweapons, Lux Capital, and Public

Planned economies, Federated Learning, and Vimeo's turnaround

Walmart = Socialist?!, Culture and Clothing, and the $13B Hypocrisy

How to beat Amazon, Bernard Arnault, The New Celebrity Chefs

In the Arena, Optionality in Investing, and Post-COVID Movie Theaters

Sunday Snapshots (01/17/20) – Blockchain Chicken Farm, Caro's Archives, Letterboxd's ambitions

Sunday Snapshots (01/10/20) – If Then, Rhinos, and Nostalgia brought to me by Starbucks

Sunday Snapshots (01/03/20) – If Then, China's 2020, and Amazon's Anti-trust Problems